June 26

IT Consulting in Long Island: Best Practices for Data Recovery and Business Continuity

IT consulting experts in Long Island put it this way— data loss can happen to just any company. The important factor to consider is, how well you are prepared just in case you are hit. What you need is a perfect disaster recovery plan. Data loss does not happen because you failed to back up your data; it could happen due to a number of instances such as hardware breakdown or disasters such as fire and floods. A proper disaster recovery plan will get you up and running and you will not have to experience downtime at all.
The following are some of the best data recovery practices that will ensure business continuity in the event that you are hit by a disaster:


If you wake up one day to find your business premises flooded, do you have an alternate location from where your employees can work? Have a plan B. Maybe some of them could work from home or from a makeshift office that has essential equipment and furniture.

Offsite Backup

Never rely on on-site backup techniques only. This is dangerous because, with disasters such as fire, you cannot recover. Have an off-site backup, which can be in the cloud or in a physical off-site location.

Test Your Recovery Plan

It is essential to test your data recovery plan in Long Island to ensure that it is foolproof. Ensure you test it for all possible disasters, such as fire, floods, viruses, and hackers. You can do this by staging a data loss incident just to see how efficient your recovery strategy is. Ensure that you do this regularly. You could give it an interval of at least six months.

Do Not Dispose Your Machines Too Fast

It is possible to recover some data from your machines even when they look damaged beyond repair. Do not get rid of them too fast. First, find out what you can recover from them before disposing them.

Work within the First 72 Hours

IT consulting experts in Long Island consider the first 72 hours of a disaster to be very critical in the revival of your business. Ensure that your plan can get you back to business within this timeframe.

Partner with an MSP

It is advisable to outsource data protection from a vendor. A vendor can recover as much of your data that you could not recover on your own.
Businesses that do not have a proper BDR collapse eventually when faced with a data loss disaster. Take proactive measures and partner with an IT consulting firm in Long Island. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions for more insight into disaster recovery.

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