August 14

IT Consulting on Long Island: Benefits of Office 365 for Your Business

Microsoft office 365 is a powerful communication and information exchange tool. An IT consulting firm on Long Island can help you leverage the power of Microsoft Office 365 to easily share and store files, enhance security compliance, and improve business processes. Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 comes with a myriad of benefits, including:

1. Seamless Coordination of Programs

Office 365 works well with a wide range of programs that you may already be running: Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, Excel, and OneNote, for example. These tools give you the same great features you rely on in addition to the powerful Office 365 tools. Moreover, you have multiple subscription levels to choose from.

2. On-Demand Access

Microsoft Office 365 offers web-enabled access to email, contacts, calendar, and other important documents. You can use PCs, Android Phones, iPhones, Macintosh computers, and even BlackBerry smartphones to access your files wherever you go. This frees you up to work when and where you choose. Since you can access emails and other documents from your mobile device, you don’t need to rush to the office or search for a Wi-Fi hotspot to work.

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3. Email, Collaboration, & Online Meetings

IT consulting companies on Long Island utilize Microsoft’s scalable and secure solutions to enhance office experience. With Office 365 features like 50GB mailbox, you can accommodate attachments of up to 25MB, contacts, calendaring, instant messaging, online meetings, document collaborations, and so much more.

4. Easy Communication and Collaboration

With Office 365, users can create password-protected portals to share large files that are difficult to email, both within and outside the organization. This gives you a single location to access all your latest versions of files and documents, regardless of how many users are working on them. Moreover, you can send instant messages to employees and customers to attend online meetings and review documents.

5. Safety and Security

Microsoft data centers prioritize security over everything else. With Office 365, you can leverage the same tools and systems utilized by Microsoft and other leading companies worldwide. This helps to protect email, networks, and documents. These tools also scan your emails and documents for malware, spam, and other threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6. Financially-Backed Uptime Guarantee

If you’re looking for reliability, availability, and performance, Office 365 is built just for that. Microsoft’s proven services are powered by the same Microsoft Email and Collaboration tools that businesses of all sizes have been relying on for decades. With its geo-redundant, enterprise-grade reliability, Office 365 can help you recover your data through multiple data centers and automatic failover system. Microsoft Office 365 guarantees a 99.9% uptime with a financially-backed service level agreement (SLA).

Obviously, Office 365 offers some valuable advantages for businesses. Whether you’re looking to boost your collaborative abilities, ensure data security, or improve productivity, Office 365 has you covered. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about Microsoft office 365 and how you can use it to organize online meetings, share documents, and boost collaboration. Our IT consulting team on Long Island is ready to serve you! We also offer a wide array of managed services on Long Island.

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