June 18

IT Consulting in Long Island: Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

IT consulting services in Long Island are critical for disaster recovery plans. Businesses are deploying disaster-recovery-as-service (DraaS) solutions to mitigate risks caused by IT disasters.
Such solutions ensure the continuity of operations in the wake of a disruptive occurrence. Without a recovery plan, your business suffers immense losses. To avoid such an unfortunate outcome, contract an IT provider to help you create a roadmap for recovery from potential disruptions.
Here are the top benefits of DRaaS:

Unlimited Availability

IT consulting companies in Long Island provide DRaaS to help protect data all year-long. Disasters are unpredictable and can affect your business any time. With a DraaS solution, you’ll have constant data backup for your organization.
Therefore, the redundant copies of your data will be available to you for recovery without delay. Your operations will resume almost immediately with no loss of revenue or damage to your reputation.

All-in-One Data Management Solution

For companies that run disaster recovery plans in-house, managing backup servers and recovery sites involve high operating costs and intensive labor. Besides, the coordination of staff and synchronization of all data points lead to inefficiencies.
As a result, data backup failures are commonplace due to disk overwrites and misplaced backup paths. However, DraaS gives you a comprehensive solution for failover testing, storage capacity management, and recovery point objectives. This ensures successful backup processes and business recovery.


With traditional disaster recovery methods, you’ll need various hardware resources and a team of specialized IT professionals to run them. This adds to your capital expenditure and human resources management responsibilities.
You can overcome this complication by relying on DraaS solutions, which synchronize your systems with the cloud for automatic and reliable backups. In fact, cloud-based recovery only requires the configuration of your IT systems to virtual servers, which you can access and manage from a single dashboard.


DraaS solutions don’t limit you to a physical recovery site. Instead, they offer you data backup across various data centers for redundancy and contingency. In case one data center is affected by a natural disaster, you can still run your data recovery operations in Long Island from another center. Thus, your recovery efforts won’t be hindered by inaccessible files.
The benefits of a recovery plan span across various parts of your business, including cost-savings. It serves as an insurance strategy for your IT infrastructure when a disaster strikes. At Total Technology Solutions Inc., we offer time-tested IT consulting services in Long Island that can propel your business to maximum productivity. Contact us now and let us develop a disaster recovery plan for your business.

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