December 25

IT Consulting on Long Island: Advantages of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is here to stay. Though virtualization is new to most businesses, it is worth the money and then some. Virtualization improves efficiency for companies of nearly every type and size. Virtualization allows for desktop and server provisioning, saves money on the energy bill, boosts uptime, ameliorates disaster recovery, and so much more. Here’s a look at the benefits of virtualization as explained by our IT consulting team on Long Island:

Boost Your Team’s Productivity with Server Virtualization

Less physical servers means there is less to manage and maintain. Applications that once took upwards of several weeks to provision can now be completed in mere minutes. The end result is a staff with that much more time to work on productive tasks, such as decreasing expenses and exploring new projects. Don’t worry about the transition to virtual servers, you can rely on our managed IT services team on Long Island to help you do the transition as seamless as possible.

Server Virtualization Enhances Disaster Recovery

Server virtualization allows for the transition a virtual machine from a physical server to a virtual one in a reasonable amount of time. Your organization will be able to generate a replication site with minimal effort. Enterprise virtualization platforms have software that automates fail-over amidst a disaster. Such software even empowers users to test the disaster recovery fail-over to boot. This way, if a data center disaster transpires, the proper infrastructure will be in place to facilitate a rapid recovery. It is nearly impossible to accomplish the same feat with multiple physical servers.

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Decreased Hardware Costs

The average server in a traditional physical environment is not working at full capacity. Add a virtualized server along with cloud computing, and hardware utilization will be higher as a single physical server is capable of holding several virtual machines. There is no need for applications to have their own server as each virtual unit is run on the physical server. Our IT consulting team on Long Island will help you realize these savings by spearheading your server transition to the virtual realm.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

The movement of physical servers to the virtual realm makes it that much easier to consolidate them on tangible servers. The end result is a reduction in cooling/power costs. This green approach really will save you a bundle of money that can be spent on other initiatives.

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT consulting team on Long Island can help you with server virtualization, the cloud, hardware, business continuity, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and many more. Contact us now for more information.

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