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IT Consulting on Long Island: 5 Signs That Your Computer May Have Malware

Malware is one of the most dangerous threats that businesses face each day. However, IT consulting firms on Long Island gives your company much-need protection and peace of mind to defend against these ever-evolving attacks. A managed service provider plays a key role in keeping your business secure by offering proactive IT services that will prevent malware from causing significant damage. Many times, a computer may already be infected with malware, and it is important to understand the warning signs.

Here are five common signs that your computers may be infected with malware:

#1 Unusual Error Messages

Error messages are a common occurrence with any computer that is infected with malware. Error messages that display corrupt files may mean that your computer has already experienced a malware attack. The best way to combat this situation is to run a full PC scan to detect any viruses or malware. Installing the latest security patches is also essential in fixing software vulnerabilities.

#2 Unable to Access Control Panel

Sometimes malware will disable access to your control panel and expose your computer to cyber-attacks. Contacting IT support can help you receive professional assistance to overcome these technical issues. Immediately reaching out to your IT provider is essential in reducing downtime for your business and keeping your employees productive.

#3 Laptop Operates Slower

Malware can infect laptops to cause them to operate much slower than usual. IT consulting firms on Long Island can help you avoid these problems by keeping your operating system up to date and scanning your files regularly. The installation of next-gen antivirus software is essential in keeping your laptops safe and secure from malware threats.

#4 Infected External USB Drive

An employee may accidentally infect a computer with malware by using an external USB drive that is already compromised. Many times, documents will be re-named and appear as shortcut files that are not accessible. A managed IT services provider on Long Island can walk you through the best way to recover these files without further corrupting your data.

#5 Everything Works Fine – Should I Still Be Concerned?

Always remaining cautious is essential in keeping your computer protected against malware threats. Cybercriminals are highly creative in hiding malware that can access your information without your knowledge. Always performing virus scans and around the clock monitoring from an IT provider can help ensure that your company remains secure.

Total Technology Solutions offers IT consulting on Long Island for a variety of businesses. We understand the many dangers of malware, as we focus on providing the best protection available. Contact us today to learn more about IT security and schedule a free consultation!

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