November 25

IT Consulting on Long Island: 5 Common Web Security Threats

Successful cyber defense depends on your knowledge of online threats. Web security threats are often carried out by threat actors who take advantage of vulnerabilities in your systems. IT consulting firms on Long Island can help with regular pen tests and other strategies to identify and seal these vulnerabilities.

Here are five common web threats your business can face:

1. Data Breach

The most widespread web security threat is data breaches. The attacks are carried out by sophisticated hackers that can be groups, activists, or nation-states. They are usually after proprietary information or user information, such as private account details.

The threat actors behind data breaches can carry out attacks over a long time. It would help to perform regular vulnerability assessments to identify and seal loopholes in your network infrastructure.

2. Malware Infection

On most occasions, malware is delivered via email. This attack sends malicious software to your device with an intent to illegally copy or corrupt your data. The threat actors, in this case, are cybercriminals who may send ransom demands in the event of ransomware. In 2018, there were over 812.67 million reported cases of malware attacks in businesses.

Regular deep scanning and email filtering are needed to prevent these attacks. It is also critical to carry out employee education as most malware attackers target ignorant web users. IP blocking can also help to safeguard against malicious emails.

3. Code Injection Attack

Some threat actors exploit weaknesses in your web apps to insert malicious codes. The most significant vulnerability for code injection is the text input field for SQL statements. Such an attack is known as a SQL injection attack.

The attackers can delete user data or program the app to allow unauthorized logins. IT consulting firms on Long Island can help to prevent code injection attacks through regular dynamic and static testing techniques.

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4. Directory Traversal

This is an HTTP vulnerability used by attackers to gain access to directories and files. The attacks are routed through web apps, but they targeted files and data stored out of the webroot folder.

This vulnerability starts with insufficient scanning of entries from users. Prevention of directory traversal attacks involves using the necessary filters to block URLs that contain unauthorized commands and escape codes.

5. Insider Threats

Data breaches in your company can also come from inside threats. These could be out of the negligence of uninformed employees targeted by phishing and malware, or malicious disgruntled employees who intentionally breach and sabotage company data for revenge or profit.


Employee education on cybersecurity, together with punishments and rewards, could help to prevent this risk. At Total Technology Solutions, we are experienced in all kinds of cyber threat mitigation. Our IT consulting experts on Long Island can help you stay one step ahead of threat actors with state-of-the-art tools and strategies. Contact us today for the best Long Island IT support.

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