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IT Consulting on Long Island: 3 Tips to Secure Data Collection

When collecting information from your customers, ensuring their data is safe is vital. You need to secure customer data from the moment you first collect it and the entire time you keep it. It helps to work with a reliable IT consulting company on Long Island to help secure your data collection. Why is this crucial? Compromised data collection can put your customers’ IDs, financial data, and other private information at risk of being tampered with.

How to Ensure your Data Collection Process is Secure

Here are three quick tips for secure data collection:

1. Use Secure Connections

Collecting data over insecure connections puts the data at risk of being intercepted by hackers. A safe connection should:

  • Hide confidential data from third parties
  • Verify the identity of the party sending or receiving data
  • Protect information from being accessed, viewed, or modified by bad actors

Always avoid using unsafe connections when collecting your customer’s data. The best practice is to ensure the data you’re collecting is protected by TLS 1.2 and HTTPS. This way, you’ll minimize the chances of a data breach or your network crashing.

2. Only Collect Essential Data

Data is vital for businesses, and collecting more data than you need might appear beneficial. However, the more data you collect, the more problems you might encounter. Therefore, you should stick to only harvesting data essential to your current needs. Adding a third-party tool means you have to give some access to the network. The more parties that have access to your network, the more the network is exposed to vulnerabilities. Hackers may identify and exploit such vulnerabilities to take over your system.

Harvesting only the desired data reduces the stress it will put on the network. You want to avoid collecting irrelevant data as it can end up being inefficient and time-wasting. Investing in IT consulting on Long Island can be a great way to ensure that you focus only on the data you need.

3. Hire the Right Managed Service Provider

One of the most common issues with data collection is its inadequate security. You cannot afford to cut corners regarding safeguarding your data as a business. You’ll need to ensure that your data is secure, which can be challenging if you deal with a lot of data. One of the most practical solutions is outsourcing your data collection to a Long Island IT support provider that has been adequately vetted. A genuinely accredited managed service provider (MSP) is more competitive and worth hiring. Let the MSP show you if they have been licensed and registered.

We Can Help

Collecting network data without care and foresight can create new vulnerabilities and crash the network. If you’re looking for an IT consulting team on Long Island to help with your data collection efforts, we at Total Technology Solutions have you covered. Our team of IT professionals can help you manage data collection in a safe and compliant manner. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you craft a data collection strategy tailored to your unique business needs.

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