July 21

IT Consulting Firms in Long Island Can Help You Apply Balanced Security to Your SMB

IT consulting firms in Long Island will help you determine where there are vulnerabilities in your network and what the best course of action may be. It could be something as simple as adding the latest firewalls to your digital infrastructure. But your business may have data so sensitive, this just isn’t enough.

When you’re considering IT support in Long Island for the best security solution, you’ll want to answer a few key questions. Here are three which are worth thinking about:

Has Our Business Experienced Data Compromise Before?

IT consulting firms in Long Island can construct penetration tests if you aren’t sure about data compromise. A penetration test is where an IT professional probes every aspect of your network (internally, externally, and in terms of personnel use) to find where cybercriminals are likely to intrude and patch those areas. If you’ve experienced data breach already— and you had security— then you need to get that vulnerability patched and seek better options.

When We Are Compromised, What Is Our Response Protocol?

With IT support in Long Island, you can determine if existing data breach response protocols are where they should be or if they need a little help. Here’s the thing: your response protocols need to transition with technology. Previous solutions are not up to present standards. Go watch a movie from the nineties and laugh at their computers. Now, imagine that whatever we have now will be so antiquated in a decade’s time.

Which Preventative Actions Must We Take to Avoid Compromise?

Preventative action is wise to protect data, but some preventative actions are going to be more effective than others. There’s no use spending money unnecessarily. Consultation helps determine strategies which work and those which may be “overkill.”

Getting the Balance Right

IT consulting firms in Long Island like Total Technology Solutions can help you determine:

  • Effective preventative actions against data breach
  • Clear response protocols
  • If you’ve been breached but didn’t even realize it

Contact us for more information on IT security options for your SMB.

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