September 28

IT Consulting Firms Can Help Improve Network Performance for your Company on Long Island

A network’s performance is critical to any company’s success, yet it is often ignored.

Here are some ways that your company on Long Island can improve network performance with the help of IT consulting service providers:

1. Don’t Overload your Servers

The first thing you need to do to improve network performance is to make sure you don’t overload your servers. When a server becomes overloaded, it will slow down and sometimes even crash. This can be caused by too many users trying to access the same server at once or too much traffic on the Internet connection that serves the server.

2. Optimize your Internet Connection

If you use your ISP’s Internet connection, you should ensure it is optimized for the best performance. Your ISP should provide you with a modem/router combo device (sometimes called “gateways”) that allows you to optimize your Internet connection and manage your network remotely from anywhere in the world over the Internet (using the web browser).

You may also want to consider upgrading this device if it does not provide all of the features you need for managing your network (especially if it does not have wireless capabilities).

3. Upgrade Firewall, Routers, and Switches

You need to upgrade or replace your firewall, routers, and switches. These devices are the first defense against the bad guys trying to get into your network. If your firewall is five years old, IT consulting experts on Long Island can help you buy a new one.

4. Replace Hubs with Ethernet-Switches

You need to replace any hubs with Ethernet switches because they provide better security by isolating traffic at Layer 2 (MAC addresses). This makes it harder for hackers to sniff packets on one port and then try to inject packets on another port. Partnering with an IT consulting agency can help you install these devices easily.

5. Replace shared Servers with Client/Server Networks

Shared servers such as e-mail servers or file servers should be replaced by client/server networks that run all applications on each user’s computer instead of on one master server that everyone shares access to.

This prevents hackers from gaining control over critical applications that could cause you major problems if they’re compromised. It also provides better performance because each user can have their own application running on their own workstation instead of having to share resources with other users in a local area network (LAN).

There are more tips and ideas you might want to explore to better experience an enhanced network performance that your business uses on a daily basis. If you are looking to improve your network, you can work with a reliable IT support provider on Long Island. Total Technology Solutions can help you achieve your goals in no time! Let us know today how our expertise can help your business further.

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