August 28

IT Consulting Experts in Long Island Recommend Installing Updates and Patches

We all know when updates are available, yet we leave them a while before we install them because we are in the middle of some important work. Is that a problem? IT consulting experts in Long Island say: “Yes, it is”. You have to install updates and patches as soon as they’re available. The sooner you install them, the sooner your systems are less likely to fall victim to a cyber attack.

What Are Updates and Patches?

When you purchase some hardware or software for your business, you are not just buying a static product; you are protecting your business from hackers and breaches. Unfortunately, because of the improvements in technology and the speed with which it moves, hackers are continually coming up with better and sneakier ways to infiltrate your systems. Any patches that you will be sent are quick fixes that are a reaction to the company finding out about a specific vulnerability in their product. If you install these as soon as you get them, they will protect you in the short term.
In due course, you will also get an update to install on your system. This will be increased protection for the whole product with the previous patch included within the software rather than added on as a quick fix. Your work may be important, but making the time to upgrade your components and programs is an important part of the protection of your whole company. Not doing it might result in whole days where you have to recover your IT infrastructure from attack by ransomware, and if this were the case, many days of planned work would be lost.

Speed is Important

IT consulting experts in Long Island also warn against waiting because once the patches are released by the company, it will also explain what vulnerability the patch fixes. Unfortunately, hackers then try to figure out how to exploit that particular bug and then search for a company that hasn’t updated yet. It may not be something they were aware of before, but once it is common knowledge, everyone is at risk and speed is of the essence.
Your company is important, and you need to keep it protected against any unauthorized incursions. Installing patches and updates are merely the tip of the iceberg, so if you would like the help of IT consulting experts in Long Island, get in touch with Total Technology Solutions. Don’t let the hackers win, contact us today and our IT experts can make sure your business is as secure as possible.

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