July 16

IT Consulting Experts in Long Island Note Common Ways Businesses Mess Up Continuity

IT consulting experts in Long Island always advise businesses to establish a strong business continuity strategy. Don’t think in terms of a possible network crash. Think in terms of inevitable network crash at unpredictable intervals, and your most secure way of recovering from it.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are a number of things Long Island IT support professionals advise companies to avoid doing when setting up business continuity. Common mistakes abound, simple consultation helps you avoid these issues:

Failing to Consider Associated Employee Needs

IT consulting solutions providers in Long Island commonly encounter businesses that have sound business continuity plans, but those plans don’t include what employees need to remain productive. So when a crash occurs, either everybody is sitting on their thumbs on-site, or they’re sitting on their thumbs at home. Or they’re running around trying to juggle information so work isn’t lost. Whatever the case, they’re not incorporated into the business continuity plan, and so there’s associated fallout.

Forgetting to Put Action Behind Plans–Always Test!

Something else that’s a big problem is when a business continuity plan is made and then steps aren’t taken to secure its proper implementation. You’ve got to back up data and test out your continuity option to assure it works.

Failure to Demonstrate Business Continuity Strategies to Workers

You have to demonstrate your business continuity plans to employees so they know what to look out for and how to act. They need to be both incorporated in the plan itself and shown what it will look like when it’s put into action.

Avoid Common Errors in Business Continuity

Total Technology Solutions can help you effectively establish your business continuity plans, test them, put action to words, and most effectively communicate relevant aspects of such plans to your employees. When you get the balance right, you’ll see a transition that’s as seamless as possible. To learn more, feel free to contact our IT consulting team in Long Island.

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