August 1

IT Consulting Experts in Long Island Help Unite Home and Office Workspaces

IT consulting experts in Long Island strongly advise that you take a careful look at home and office infrastructures. Sometimes, you can do more than you realize.  However, doing so in a secure and reliable way can be complicated. Outsourced workers operating from their homes can be very productive, but they could be a risk as well.

Managed services in Long Island say that infrastructural optimization today virtually requires a decentralized approach. Some companies can’t do this immediately, though. Sometimes, they need to transition slowly.

Avoiding the Risk to Secure Productivity

As you consider where you can align on-site and home office productivity, think about these things:

  • Consider Utilizing the Cloud
  • Have You Considered VoIP?
  • Cybersecurity and Collaborative Software

Consider Utilizing the Cloud

IT consulting professionals in Long Island strongly advise cloud-based network solutions for operations combining on-site and remote infrastructure. The cloud is designed for decentralization and tends to be more secure than many on-site security options can manage.

Have You Considered VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is an essential component of the modern office. Instead of paying for both telephone lines and the internet, you combine these costs to save a lot of money. Still, there are a few situations where VoIP won’t represent an advantage for your business financially.

Cybersecurity and Collaborative Software

Managed services in Long Island emphasize that whatever operational solutions you ultimately put together, you must focus on cybersecurity. That should maintain network safety at your primary location and in home offices employees might use. Cloud computing is very helpful for such outcomes.

Also, consider what collaborative software like Slack or Zoom best fits your business. Through such software, you can make it very easy to communicate objectives, revisions, and other aspects of operations to your remote employees.

Optimized Operations Both On-Site and Remotely

IT consulting team in Long Island can help determine if cloud options are for you. Are cloud options proper for your particular infrastructure? How much will you save with VoIP? What sort of cybersecurity and collaborative software will best fit your business? Total Technology Solutions can help. Contact us to learn more.

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