August 24

IT Consulting Experts on Long Island Can Help You Use The Latest Tech to Reduce Malware Intrusions

What’s Malware?

IT consulting experts on Long Island can help any business to both be aware of malware and protect against it. Malware is essentially malicious software–the term “malware” is a contraction of those words. Malware is a pernicious threat that impacts businesses of all size, and if you don’t have protections against it, it’s generally not a matter of “if” you get impacted, but “when”.

Tactics to Avoid Malware

Managed services providers (MSPs) on Long Island advise a number of different steps to be taken to comprehensively secure your business against malware. A few different ways to do that include the following:

Update Software, Train Employees Pertaining to Email, Avoid “Fake” IT Support

You should keep all your software properly updated–not just antivirus protocols. The reason is that older software is more vulnerable to malware. One of the primary vectors through which malware is installed into your network involves training employees effectively.

IT consulting professionals on Long Island can advise you here. One thing they’ll help you do is determine what sort of IT support options are legitimate. As it turns out, there are “fraudulent” IT help desks that exploit vulnerabilities in order to undermine businesses. This can be avoided, but it will require proper consultation and security implementation beforehand.

When The Day’s Done, Log Out

One way that hackers gain access to system data across a network is through devices that have not been properly logged out at the end of the day. Hackers can spoof their way onto the network that way. Also, corporate espionage can put operatives into your office at just the right time. A janitor isn’t always just a janitor–though that’s a concern more for larger operations than smaller ones. At any rate, train employees to log out when the day is done.

Assure Proper Net Activity

Internet etiquette and hygiene is important. Avoid untrusted websites. Don’t download third-party apps–in fact, many businesses don’t allow any unapproved downloads. Depending on your operation, this could be a wise choice; find consultation to find your balance.

Defending Against Malware Through MSP Best Practices

Total Technology Solutions can help you keep software updated, employees trained, and IT support legitimate. Additionally, you’ll be advised through such options to log out when work is done, and only access the right internet sites. These are just a few things worth your consideration for the most robust, reliable security in regard to your network. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our IT consulting team on Long Island.

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