November 2

IT Consulting Experts on Long Island Can Help You Find the Right Office 365 Backup Solution(s) for Your Business

Trying to find the best data backup services for your business can feel overwhelming due to the wide range of options. Thankfully, IT consulting professionals on Long Island can help you find the best Office 365 backup solution for your business to ensure your information is readily available at all times.

Here are a few tips from Long Island IT support experts to help you find the best Office 365 backup services for your business:

Customizable Retention Services

One of the key aspects of data storage is to determine if you need to keep backup files indefinitely or for only a certain time period. A third-party backup solution needs to offer a detailed retention policy to help you best manage all of your information. Understanding their retention policy is important before you sign a contract with a data backup provider.

Detailed Search Parameters

Searching for a particular file is nearly an impossible task if you are unable to filter and sort your data. A backup solution provider needs to offer detailed search parameters to allow you to quickly find a file without spending a lot of time and effort. Restoring individual items granularly is a much quicker process than having to recover all of your files at one time.

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Cloud Support

Following the “3-2-1 rule” is essential to backing up your data. IT consulting experts on Long Island can help you make three copies of your data while storing it in two different formats and making sure one copy is stored off-premises. Cloud-storage makes it possible to store your information in multiple areas and give your business an added layer of security.

Easily Migrate Data

A backup service provider should allow you to easily migrate important data from a former employee’s account before you disable it. This feature allows you to save money on software licenses while still allowing you to maintain important data without the fear of losing this information. You can also generate detailed reports to help you keep track of your data and ensure that everything is staying in compliance.

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