July 13

Improving Security Through Multi-Factor Authentication with IT Support in Long Island

IT support firms in Long Island advise providing multiple avenues of security identification for network access. There are a number of reasons why; mainly this: if you’ve only got single-factor authentication, then all a cybercriminal has to do is steal access credentials and they can steal or manipulate your data.

Even if you’ve got top-tier password management, in all likelihood, you’ve got those passwords and the associated credentials stored somewhere. A savvy enough hacker can find that information. But with multi-factor authentication (MFA), a message is sent to a secondary device, or a secondary biometric piece of information is necessary for access depending on your operation’s needs.

Instituting the Right MFA

Depending on your business, you can utilize third and fourth avenues of authentication as well. With each additional layer, you exponentially increase the security of your data. All that being said, not all MFA technology is created equal. Consider the following features and usage tips as you seek out the best solutions for your business:

  • Single sign-on
  • Adaptive authentication solutions
  • Use MFA tools to round out whatever option you choose

Single Sign-On

IT outsourcing in Long Island should be able to provide you MFA with SSO (single sign-on) capability. All accounts can be accessed through the creation of a single, secure location. Accordingly, MFA requirements can be met with something as simple as tapping a notification on a “smart” device.

Adaptive Authentication Solutions

Adaptive authentication analyzes behavior to determine if logins match normal patterns. Should someone log in during off-hours, whatever adaptive MFA solution you’ve chosen will ask for secondary authentication. Accordingly, those who are just working off-hours won’t be restricted from access, but underhanded cybercriminals will.

Use MFA Tools to Round Out Whatever Option You Choose

IT support firms in Long Island advise using one of four well-known MFA tools. These tools include LastPass Authenticator, Google Authenticator, YubiKey by Yubico, and Microsoft Authenticator. These can be used to set parameters where MFA protocols take effect, and in a way that matches your business’s needs.

Adopting MFA Protocols

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you choose the right adaptive authentication tools and make sure you get SSO capability as fits your needs. Contact us for more information on MFA options and how best to work them into your infrastructural protocols.

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