November 9

Improving Productivity and Cyber Security by Cutting Spam

The need for sophisticated cyber security in the business world increases every day as companies are regularly targeted by hackers and spammers. One way to improve security is to reduce the amount of spam in your inbox. If you run a business with multiple employees, it helps to work with an experienced IT firm that can regulate company-wide spam for you.

How Spam and Cyber Threats Relate

An important key to cyber security is for management and stakeholders to understand how network attackers operate. Much of their havoc occurs through email phishing schemes in which they pose as a trusted source who encourages a victim to click an infected link that launches a malware or ransomware attack. A seasoned IT team can help train your staff on how to spot suspicious emails that lead to downtime or other disruptions.

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The complete cost of spam is hard to measure, but it’s much higher than a typical business executive might expect. Spam filtering is essential for all businesses trying to block out irrelevant messages. Despite spam laws that forbid mass distribution of email without permission from recipients, many new companies still generate plenty of spam, perhaps unaware of federal trade regulations.

Reducing spam is a viable objective, since spam ultimately leads to loss of productivity. When an employee is distracted by an irrelevant email, it reduces the amount of time spent on activity that leads to company growth. Valuable time is also lost when an employee takes several minutes to delete a series of unwanted emails.

Setting Goals to Cut Spam Costs

One way to tighten your budget is to implement anti-spam goals. Find out from your IT team how to reduce software costs for filtering spam. Ask them if they can set up a customized email platform for your specific internal company needs. This strategy helps reduce external spam. For more cyber security information, don’t hesitate to contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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