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Improving Your Business’s Cyber Security is Vital for Your Business Survival

One thing all businesses have in common is they need to put a high priority on cyber security, which has become a necessity. A company that lacks sufficient protection is very vulnerable to online criminals looking to steal valuable confidential information. Here are signs that hackers have penetrated your digital assets.

Strange Login Problems

When a staff member is unable to access their account despite entering the correct login information, it’s possible someone else has tried to access the account multiple times, resulting in it getting locked. It may also indicate a hacker penetrated the account and changed the password. In the worst-case scenario, cybercriminals have seized the account and demand ransom through cryptocurrency.

Unusual Computer Activity

Hackers may try to alter system privileges to tap into confidential parts of your network. Any time you encounter strange computer behavior, it’s best to have cyber security experts investigate to see if a hacker has altered files or has launched an attack. A solid strategy to block intrusions is to use a combination of two-factor authentication and complex passwords.

If you get inundated with popup messages or the cursor starts moving on its own, there’s a chance your network has been compromised by nefarious external forces. Attackers often use pop-up messages in an attempt to get the victim to click something, which could unleash a virus.
Some hackers are looking to steal data so they can sell it to other criminals, while other hackers are simply trying to cause havoc. Either way, they may alter or delete numerous files if you do not detect the problem right away. Allowing an experienced IT team to use 24/7 monitoring software will help detect and block intruders on your network.

Network Latency

Any type of network slowdown can hurt the performance and output of a company, especially in the form of electronic communication with customers. While the problem might simply be network congestion, it may also be symptomatic of malware or other bugs planted by hackers.

A seasoned IT team can audit your network to detect bugs and security flaws. Sometimes the problem can be old software that simply needs to be replaced because it isn’t serviced anymore and no new security patches are available. Working with technicians who stay up to date with the latest technology is a reliable way to beat network slowdowns.


Having a solid, secure network is now an essential part of running a business, especially for 24/7 services. Letting cyber security experts oversee your network while you concentrate on normal business activity is an efficient solution to reducing vulnerabilities. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can protect your data.

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