August 26

Importance of Firewalls for Stronger Cyber Security in New York

Cyber security firms in New York are going to advise clients to establish the latest firewall protection for a number of reasons; not least of which is the truth that technology’s developmental pace makes even recent technological innovations antiquated inside a few years’ time. Just consider Moore’s Law for evidence of that.

In this article, we’ll briefly examine a few reasons why New York IT support firms increasingly update firewall solutions across the surface area of their clients:

An Increase in Cybercrime

Cyber security firms in New York commonly advise clients to protect against expanding threats, but they don’t always and that’s why traveling viral ransomware worms like WannaCry are able to affect 150+ countries in only a few days’ time.

WannaCry took place over two years ago. Owing to Moore’s Law, cybercrime follows technological upgrade. About every 18 months you can expect some new threat to diminish the viability of existing defense protocols. Cybercrime grows as tech does.

Antiquated Options Reduce Operational Stability

New York IT support firms advise regularly updating to the latest firewalls for the greatest operational stability. Imagine a firewall from the 90s. Does the term “strong” come to mind, or do you think of some vector graphics image in khaki pants? The goalposts have moved. To be stable, you need to regularly update your firewalls at intervals as advised through the right consultants.

Cloud Computing Data Management Won’t Protect Internal Infrastructure

On the cloud, there aren’t protections for internal systems. Even the most comprehensive cloud can’t protect personal computers used as portals. Even if you’re outsourced to the cloud, you’ll still need to manage firewalls around your devices.

Installing the Latest Firewall

Cyber security in New York through Total Technology Solutions can help you acquire and maintain the latest firewalls. For more information on updating your firewalls, as well as solutions to a variety of technology issues, please contact us.

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