September 8

If a hurricane hits, will your business survive?

With hurricane season in full effect, it’s no surprise that business continuity is a topic on many business owners’ minds. Even though the 2017 hurricane season is already underway, with Texas getting slammed by Harvey and Irma about to make landfall in Florida, it’s not too late to protect your business and avoid costly downtime in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Research suggests that approximately 15% of small businesses have no backup plan, while approximately 60% of small businesses only have local backups; neither of which will help in the event of flooding. Proper preparation for hurricanes and tropical storms should include the following:

  • Continuous off-site backup of data, applications, and server images.
  • The ability to restore IT operations in the cloud and/or at a site sufficiently further inland from the coast to be unaffected by the storm. This restoration
    may require evacuation of key IT personnel out of the storm so that they can continue to work remotely from their laptops even if the area’s mobile data
    services are interrupted.
  • Website posting that alerts customers and partners about storm preparations—along with frequent post-storm updates that allows visitor to track the
    progress of any necessary recovery.

Every business has to prepare for the worst. Those that don’t may never fully recover from a disaster. If your business doesn’t have an effective business continuity solution in place, contact Total to learn about our business continuity solution.

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