February 10

Identifying the Top Malware Threats and How Our Cyber Security Team Can Help Your Long Island Business Stay Protected

Malware has the potential to ruin your business. Sadly, most business owners and managers do not understand the true magnitude of this threat. Below, our cyber security experts on Long Island delve into the top malware causing problems and explain how to protect your business against digital infiltrations.


Trojan horses are executable files that conceal their identity by pretending to provide utility. In other words, a seemingly innocent utility tool might actually be a nasty application. Suspicious.Emit is a particularly harsh backdoor Trojan horse. This malware empowers remote attackers to illegitimately access another computer. Code injection techniques prevent detection and put an autorun.inf file within the infected device’s root directory.

Suspicious.Emit files are typically in devices that can be removed such as a flash drive. If you find your computer runs slower than it should or if there are any registry modifications, you can reach out to our cyber security team on Long Island to help you assess if your devices have problems or have been infected by such a virus. From cleaning the Windows Registry to selecting the proper anti-malware program and beyond, we can help in myriad ways.

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This ransomware worm is transmitted through mail spam dubbed “malspam” that is completely unsuspected. WannaCry has been around for a few years, creating havoc for organizations of all different types and sizes. WannaCry infiltrates computers that are not running the most current operating system version. Unfortunately, the virus is continuing to evolve as time progresses. WannaCry’s worm sets the stage for extortion through ransomware. The ransomware prevents access to the CPU data until the ransom is paid, commonly in bitcoin. You can combat WannaCry with an update of your Windows operating system and a loading of automatic updates. Install a ransomware blocker, lean on our team for assistance and you will greatly reduce the chances of a WannaCry infiltration.

The FBI Virus

This virus is highly aggressive malware that appears to be an official alert from the FBI notifying you that your computer has been blocked as a result of copyright violations or other violations. The alert tries to convince targets that they have illegally visited a certain website or transmitted content protected by copyright. The virus then locks the system, preventing you from closing the pop-up alert and forcing you to shell out hundreds of dollars to regain control of your computer. Our digital security team can help you prevent such an attack and perform the malware scans necessary to eliminate all potentially harmful files.

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security team on Long Island is here to help you avoid malware and keep your operations humming along. Contact us now to find out more about our digital security solutions.

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