June 10

How to Protect Your Android Device | Cyber Security on Long Island

When it comes to cyber security on Long Island, most people only focus on their networks and servers. However, more and more people are working remotely now, which indicates that they are using their smartphones more than ever. It’s easier to sign in to the company website from a phone, and some of the work might be doable from there, too.

The good news is companies don’t have to pay for expensive software to protect their devices or those that their employees use for business. Here are a few things you can do to protect your Android devices and keep them safe:

Regular Updates

Most people don’t realize that the updates are automatic, but you might still have to start the process. This includes app updates and software updates for your phone.

To check, visit the Google Play Store, go to your settings, tap “apps and games,” and update any apps that require it.

If you want to check for software/system updates, go to your phone’s settings. Scroll down through the list to “software update,” tap it, and make sure things are updated.

Only Download Legit Apps

It’s easy to go on a downloading spree, but make sure that you’re only downloading apps from your Google Play Store. With it, there is a built-in scanner to search for threats. Cyber security on Long Island is so much easier when you don’t have to think about it.

Keep Your Phone Locked

When the phone is locked, there’s more protection because you must enter a special pattern or passcode to get into the smartphone. Newer phones may also offer face or fingerprint recognition as added protection.


If you must connect to public WiFi, such as at a hotel or café, someone could intercept the information without your knowledge. Consider using a virtual private network to encrypt all of that data, so it’s unreadable if someone does steal it. You can find free VPNs from the Google Play Store. Just research them carefully and make sure they are from reputable sources.

Two-factor Identification

Two-factor identification (2FA) means that you must sign in twice to access your information. Though it takes a bit more time, it is safer to do it this way. When you enter your login information, you must receive and enter a verification code to get into the account.


Cyber security is something you must consider. It’s important to be cautious when online, especially when accessing company information from a personal device.

Total Technology Solutions can assist with many of your IT needs. We focus on the safety of your information and offer many ways to protect your data. If you need help with your digital security, feel free to reach out to our cyber security team on Long Island.

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