September 10

How to Identify and Differentiate Cyber Threats with IT Support in Long Island

IT support firms in Long Island can help you differentiate between different “shades” of cybercrime. Viruses and malware aren’t terribly different, so there’s subtlety to consider. A virus that is only a virus has as its sole purpose causing digital havoc. But malware usually has an “end game” in mind. Generally, information or money is being stolen directly or collaterally.

IT companies in Long Island have as a competitive prerogative the need to stay ahead of diverse threats. They’ll know what to protect against, and appraise you concerning developing threats. Several distinct malware/virus issues to be wary of include:

Ransomware, Adware, and Spyware

IT support firms in Long Island can help you protect against viral malware designed to economically support cybercrime. Ransomware encrypts core data to make you pay a literal ransom. It’s usually demanded in cryptocurrency.

Adware installs pop-up viruses that throw products you don’t want across your screen and clog up operations. Spyware slows down networks while monitoring your egress and sending that information to an unauthorized third-party. Antivirus solutions and firewalls calibrated against these threats, as well as monitoring and support, are key in defense here.

Generally Malicious Viruses

IT companies in Long Island can help you keep from being impacted by general viruses that are malicious. Viruses that don’t have an endgame simply seek to perpetuate themselves throughout a network until there’s nothing but the virus. You’ve got to stop them and have measures in place in case you can’t.

Trojan Viruses

IT companies advise against third-party apps because they’ve usually got Trojans hiding somewhere in their programming. Trojan viruses hide behind other programs and wait to “launch” until their designers push them.

Understanding the Idiosyncrasies of Cybercrime to Properly Protect Operations

IT support firms in Long Island like Total Technology Solutions can help you protect against Trojans, general viruses, adware, spyware, and ransomware. Contact us for more information on viruses, malware, and idiosyncrasies between these categories requiring effective security measures.

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