January 2

How IT Support in Suffolk Can Help Reduce Instances of Shadow IT

What is Shadow IT?

IT support in Suffolk has a built-in prerogative to ensure it’s on the cutting-edge of developing trends, and one of the most pernicious ones is Shadow IT. Shadow IT is a term that refers to its appearance. Your business’ regular IT casts a “shadow” because you’ve got a number of employees who use non-approved applications and IT support to make their “daily grind” easier. Following are several ways you can prevent shadow IT from incidentally compromising your business by incidentally introducing malware, ransomware or something else that’s malicious to your system:

  • Provide User Education
  • Establish Cloud and BYOD Protocols Clearly
  • Define Acceptable Use Policies
  • Make Employee Jobs Workable Without Shadow IT
  • Monitor Non-Sanctioned Access, But Don’t Block It

Provide User Education

You need to let all your employees know what’s acceptable, what isn’t and why. The why is most important here. Users will often go around your policies because they don’t realize the risk they’re putting the entire company and their own employment in. So, have a policy of educating new employees and those who haven’t yet been “cleared” on a new strategy. Be sure to keep track, so you know all employees have or have not undergone training.

Establish Cloud and BYOD Protocols Clearly

BYOD can save your business tens of thousands of dollars a month, but it can also be a substantial danger if it isn’t properly used. Two-factor identification is a great solution here. Employees get a text message from the log-in portal to your cloud network, and they have to enter the code from that message in order to gain access. Additionally, you need to tell them what can and can’t be downloaded on the cloud, where they should avoid browsing, what kind of work is or isn’t necessary— the list goes on, and it’s going to be different per organization.

Define Acceptable Use Policies

There are online utilities that aren’t bad for your business, but some are fundamentally toxic. You need to work with an MSP to determine what should or shouldn’t be acceptable. Granted, you’ll be able to determine most of what is properly acceptable without the input of a third party, but with that input, you’ll be able to identify areas of weakness you might not otherwise realize existed.

Make Employee Jobs Workable Without Shadow IT

Primarily, IT support in Suffolk is going to advise you to simplify operations for employees by making it so they don’t need workarounds to function in your business. Often, sales processing protocols are hampered by old software— update it. This takes away the initiative to seek exterior IT solutions from your employees.

Monitor Non-Sanctioned Access, But Don’t Block It

Ensure you know what’s going on with employees continuously, but don’t block access unilaterally, as there are always workarounds. You’ll end up spending too much for too little result. Just know what your employees are up to and stop it if necessary.

Casting Out Shadow IT Intrusion

IT support in Suffolk through Total Technology Solutions can help you safeguard your business from Shadow IT through careful strategy. Contact us to help you outline such a strategy, facilitate better working conditions for employees and avoid common pitfalls known to harm businesses.

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