November 17

How IT Support Services on Long Island Can Help Healthcare Workers Through Microsoft 365

Healthcare providers have only gotten stronger with new technological innovations. That’s the direction healthcare will continue to move, which is why it helps to tap into IT support groups on Long Island. A knowledgeable and skilled IT team can enhance your facility further by making sure your technology is private and safe, particularly when using Microsoft 365. Here are more specific ways IT experts can improve your healthcare organization.

Make Collaboration Safe and Seamless

An essential element of online collaboration in the healthcare industry is file sharing among medical professionals and patients. File sharing should not face latency issues. A top concern of solid IT support team on Long Island is to ensure fast data transmission in a network. Cybersecurity is another top concern when interactivity takes place online.

IT experts have helped thousands of businesses establish well-protected cloud-based remote work systems. Another way IT teams have improved collaboration at hospitals has been offering support for Microsoft 365, which allows your staff to interact via teams and channels.

Improve Communication with Patients

Since the healthcare industry has turned to innovative forms of communication such as telemedicine and wearables, it only makes sense for a medical facility to work with highly skilled companies offering managed IT services on Long Island. With Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Teams, you’ll be able to offer patients the opportunity to schedule virtual meetings and automated appointment follow-ups.

Establish Policies on Data Access

Another advantage to Microsoft 365’s business premium edition is that it provides controls for setting rules as to who can access specific data. Hospitals must prioritize data privacy or face heavy fines due to HIPAA regulations. Your IT team can help you establish policies that limit access appropriately, based on the status of healthcare employees and other relevant parties.

Strengthen Data Protection

One way to reduce the chances of a cyberattack is to set strict access rules on specific devices. Another tip is for employees to routinely change passwords. Microsoft 365 Business Premium gives you the tools to handle these tasks. Other cybersecurity layers to consider beyond antivirus software include firewalls, encryption and 24/7 data monitoring software.

Consider adding Microsoft Defender for Office 365 as part of your defense. Another helpful tool for hospitals is Microsoft 365 Compliance Center, which contains advanced threat protection tools.

Hospitals can save money by outsourcing their IT operations to an IT support firm on Long Island rather than investing in an in-house team. The savings can be used to upgrade medical technology. To learn more about IT support and Microsoft 365, contact us at Total Technology Solutions. We are ready to answer your questions about how we can streamline your healthcare operation.

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