February 2

How IT Support Services Can Enhance Physical Security for Your Business on Long Island

Keep your business secure on Long Island with the help of reliable IT support services. These services will help you to meet the necessary physical security requirements for your organization. Plus, they’re more effective than just hiring security guards on a night shift.

Make sure you involve your employees in implementing physical security measures within their working space. Encourage them to flow the right protocol will keep your business secure all the time.

Here are some guidelines you can adopt to protect your business against physical security breaches:

Enhance Door Security

You may have the best alarms in place for your main entrance doors and other doors connecting your offices. But have you taken into account the physical security of your windows and emergency exits?

To secure your business well you need the state-of-the-art door security features and alarms. That said, you must install the best trigger alarms on each potential entrance, exist, or windows. Make sure to secure all the data centers including the file storage rooms to safeguard your business’s sensitive information. On top of that, check to ensure that each alarm has a backup power source to keep it running in the event of power outages.

Install Effective Access Control System

The access control system will prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your business premises. These controls may include biometric scanners, keycards, badges, or any device that can validate an individual’s identity.

Some of these security features will give you real-time visibility into key areas that need close monitoring. They will also make your work easy in case someone within your organization engages in illegal activities. But to achieve this feat, you may have to look for IT support services on Long Island.

Invest in a Modern Video Surveillance System

A good video surveillance system can help deter intruders including criminals. They can help reduce crimes by a large percentage, according to a study conducted at Cornell University.

The latest brands of video surveillance systems come with cutting-edge technology to provide high-resolution footage that you can access remotely in the comfort of your seat. Therefore, install cameras that can automatically start recording events at the slightest movement within your business premises.

Audit Your Security System Frequently

Having the best physical security policies in place is one thing, but evaluating and auditing them is another. If they’re not audited and updated so often, they may become obsolete. With managed IT services within reach on Long Island, your business security system will be checked, maintained, and updated at the right time.


Enhancing physical security for your business is the best decision you can make. To achieve this dream, you must look for reliable IT support services to keep your business afloat on Long Island. For more information, contact us at Total Technology Solutions today.

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