August 20

How IT Support Providers in Long Island Can Help You Recognize Factors Indicating Risk for Data Breach

IT support providers in Long Island can do much to help secure your business against data breaches. These can’t be stopped entirely; even governments get hacked. However, there are best practices which reduce your vulnerability and likelihood of being impacted.

How to Know If You’re At Risk

IT consultants in Long Island will likely first examine your operation to determine what sort of breach risks you’re likely to sustain. Different businesses will have different vulnerabilities. There are a few things that generally indicate this vulnerability, though, and they include:

MSPs That Don’t Have Regulatory Compliance Focus

Your IT provider should come with regulatory compliance from the outset. Each state has different laws pertaining to breached data and associated PI, or Personal Information. If the tech people you’re using internally or through outsourced MSP solutions don’t have a focus on being in compliance to existing regulations in a legal sense, that’s a huge red flag, and you’re vulnerable.

Do You Vet Access By Third Parties?

No third party should have unrestricted access to your network, even if it’s a cloud network. You need to have protocols in place to “quarantine” third parties until they’re trusted or perpetually, depending on the situation. Few businesses don’t have some need for third party access eventually, if you can curtail it entirely, though, that’s not a bad thing.

Do You Have Formal Breach Response Procedures In Place?

IT support providers in Long Island can help you develop internal breach response protocols, test them, and keep them updated. If you are having trouble here, outsourcing such response protocols is wise.

Minimizing Known Risks to Expand Security and Reduce Breach Likelihood

An IT support provider in Long Island like Total Technology Solutions can help you avoid any data breach issues by more effectively securing your business. We can help you assure internal or external tech management has a focus on maintaining regulatory compliance, carefully vet and manage all third parties, and institute a formal breach response procedure. To learn more about breaches and what you can do to protect your business, contact us.

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