January 6

How IT Support on Long Island Can Protect Your Business Against the Dark Web

IT support on Long Island can help protect your business against cyberattacks. Lately, cybercrime has increased by a whopping 600% due to new tactics that hackers employ to gain access to the most sensitive data. 

Many of these cyber threats hide in plain sight. They’re mostly masked under the veil of advanced virtual network protocol (VPN) systems belonging to the dark web. Threats from the dark web range from fraudulent government documents to money laundering, all the way to stealing crucial information from top organizations worldwide. 

To protect your business against cyber threats, you need to implement certain tools 

Fortify Your Data Security in Advance

Many business owners are scared of losing about 80 days of operations. The 80 days is the current average containment time it takes to detect a data breach, which would take around 228 days before.

With the availability of dark web channels, the containment time can easily lead to costly damage to your business.  IT support services on Long Island can help prevent threats through the fortification of data.  

Install Cyber Threat Detection Software

Statistics indicate that ransomware attacks are happening every 11 seconds. Therefore, it’s advisable to install cyber threat detection as a way of promoting web protection around your business. Also, ensure that rapid response plans are available to keep your organization safe from hackers. 

Reach out to IT services for businesses on Long Island to help with the automated threat detection software installation. This protective software will provide accurate real-time alerts to make you react promptly to possible incoming data breaches.

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Use a Password Management System

Ensure that you have software and password management systems in place to help your employees generate unique passwords. These systems can also help you create an extra layer of dark web protection. A simple solution should be the use of sticky notes that come in handy to manage passwords. 

Keep in mind that password management systems focus mainly on character variance, password security, and frequent automated password update notifications for the safety of your business data.

Patch Your Software and Hardware

Make sure that a security update or a patch is applied to enhance your business data cybersecurity. Patching software and hardware prevents the dark web’s malicious actors from accessing your system and business data. In this case, updating cybersecurity tools regularly and immediately can help your team stay compliant with best practices around your business.

Final Thought

Expert guidance from IT support professionals from Long Island can help your business stay safe from cyberattacks while reducing your stress levels. Contact Total Tech today for more advice.

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