January 11

How IT Support in Long Island Can Reduce Downtime

IT support Long IslandIT support firms in Long Island can help you cut downtime a number of ways, and one of the best ones involves a business continuity strategy. Consider working with a managed service provider (MSP) of some caliber to establish a recovery solution should some sort of disaster knock your primary networks offline. You’re going to have disaster situations like that at some point. The question isn’t “if”— it’s “when.” If you’ve got a plan ironed out for such a scenario, you’re likely to be able to resume where you left off once you’ve fixed the issue. If you don’t, then one substantial crash could be that which undermines your business into bankruptcy. With that in mind, following are several worthwhile strategies:

  • Redundant backups
  • Cloud computing support
  • Clearly defined RTO/RPO objectives
  • Secondary operational systems

Redundant Backups

IT support firms in Long Island often advises businesses to use redundant backups. A redundant backup solution incorporates multiple areas where backups are applied. For example, you may have a cloud computing solution which continuously backs up data, an on-site backup solution that’s regularly tested, and an off-site server array that’s regularly backed up and tested as necessary. Testing your systems is integral. With the cloud, cloud providers usually do the testing. With internal servers, you’ve got to put aside time to do that on your own. When you’ve got multiple redundant backups, then you’ve got comprehensive support from multiple angles.

Cloud Computing Support

Cloud computing makes it possible to backup data the moment it has entered a given network. This is especially possible if you’re using the cloud as a total solution. Any change to the system will automatically be saved, but working with your MSP can ensure everything is easily accessible.

Clearly Defined RTO/RPO Objectives

RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is basically how long it takes for your entire system to come back online after a crash. RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is how long it takes for a specific application to be brought back online. RTO and RPO are often part of a given MSP’s contract. Ensure that whoever you work with has objectives of this kind that are competitive, clear, and appropriate to your business’s needs. The lower the RTO/RPO, the less downtime you experience.

Secondary Operational Systems

With cloud computing, a secondary network can be launched immediately when it’s detected that a primary system is going down. This network can be utilized while whatever issue crashed the primary one is properly addressed and rectified.

Considerably Reduced Downtime

An hour of downtime is not likely to cost a business less than $100. In fact, $1,000 is still a conservative estimate. Through the strategies outlined here, you could potentially save several hours of downtime a month. Imagine saving just four hours of downtime a month at $1k per hour. That’s $48k a year— and you can do some serious things with that increased capital. Reduced downtime pays for measures used in reduction.
IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can definitely help you reduce your downtime. Contact us for backup and recovery solutions designed to streamline operations and protect data in the event of the most unpredictable emergency situations.

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