February 24

How IT Support Firms in Long Island Provide Comprehensive Data Security

IT support firms in Long Island will provide more successful security than internal solutions can— except provided your business has the resources to essentially initiate your own MSP. For SMBs, that’s just not going to be the case. Even larger corporations would find such a proposition expensive. But, to have comprehensive data security, it’s integral you round out your approach with all the proper components. IT outsourcing in Long Island often promotes three primary strategies in this regard— and they are separate one from another:

Disaster Recovery

IT support firms in Long Island provide disaster recovery solutions. What this means is that you’ve got protocols in place for when unexpected events crash your network. Recovery solutions incorporate continuity and include backups, but the sum is greater than either of these associated parts.

Business Continuity

Database mirroring is a form of business continuity. It is a piece of the disaster recovery pie, but it is also its own separate entity. Basically, continuity isn’t recovery; it’s like a plan B or an emergency generator, but in terms of software. So, if your network crashes, a continuity plan might initiate a database mirroring solution, which allows customers to place orders while you fix whatever issue impacted operations.


Backups are absolutely fundamental. There is something called a 3-2-1 rule of backup support. You get three backup solutions which totally secure your network. Two of them are on different mediums, one of them is located off-site. Should something happen to either of your on-site backups, you’ve got a third. If there is a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or sabotage attempt, this is crucial. Meanwhile, separate mediums of backup ensure you’ve always got an option in case one or the other is wiped out.

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you ensure you’ve got total security. We will help you recover from disasters, facilitate continuous operations in time of crisis, and properly back up your data. Contact us for more information.

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