October 29

How IT Support in Long Island Helps Implement Effective MFA

IT support in Long Island can be essential in helping your business maximize its competitive viability through mobile infrastructure solutions like cloud computing, decentralization, and BYOD. Bring Your Own Device is a paradigm wherein employees use their own computers for the needs of your business. However, they’re often working remotely, and so many MSPs advise MDM, or Mobile Device Management. One feature of MDM which is virtually required, but doesn’t only apply to mobile devices, is called “MFA.” MFA stands for “Multi-Factor Authentication.”

So, say you had employees that need to log-on to a cloud-based desktop from a location that isn’t your business’s location. Well, if you had MFA, then after they entered their email and password to log in, a message would be sent to a smartphone, email address, or something similar with an additional access code.

A Closer Look at MFA

The idea behind MFA is to establish the legitimacy of an access request through multiple channels. IT consulting firms in Long Island promotes the use of MFA, as it has been shown to have a high degree of effectiveness. In point of fact, 57% of businesses have begun using MFA, and that percentage is steadily increasing as businesses become more aware of the dangers out there.

IT support firms in Long Island can help you institute MFA solutions, and there are a number of different ways these can be applied to your infrastructure. Essentially, there are going to be three factors you can choose from, you’ll use at least two of these factor families. Depending on the factor, there may be a few different internal options. These factors are:

  • The Inherence Factor
  • The Possession Factor
  • The Knowledge Factor

Knowledge factors could be passphrases, PINs, or passwords. Possession factors are usually smartphones, but you could use a security dongle, a smart card, or another verification method— like clicking OK or getting sent a time-sensitive password that’s for one-time use. Lastly, the inherence factor involves something like a biometric option. Fingerprints, face scans, voice control, or iris scans could be the best route; it depends on your business. IT consulting in Long Island can be key in helping you determine which of these is best for you.

Balanced MFA

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can provide key information to help you secure your business. MFA options including inherence, knowledge, or possession factors facilitate exceptionally secure operation. Contact us for more information on this and other security solutions.

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