September 23

How IT Support Companies in Long Island Facilitate Essential Cloud Services for SMBs

Competing with the “Big Dogs”

IT support companies in Long Island make it possible for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to compete with corporate and enterprise level competitors through the use of cloud computing solutions. Several ways this is done include:

Mobility of File Access and Storage

IT support companies in Long Island providing cloud computing solutions make it possible for you to access necessary files remotely. You can upload or download files from wherever you’ve got a valid internet connection. Whether you want to do so will depend on the security of the web connection you’re using. Mobile device management (MDM) can be crucial in helping ensure that you don’t incidentally compromise your network through an untrustworthy connection. All that being said, such mobility facilitates your employees such that they’re able to function wherever they happen to be.

Reduction of Costs Internally

When you can access files and do work remotely, on-site costs are reduced. You can surrogate on-site server arrays through cloud computing solutions. If you incorporate this sort of “turnkey” tech paradigm, then for a monthly fee you’ve got total tech coverage, and you don’t need to have so many on-site machines. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or DaaS (Device as a Service) from an IT consulting company in Long Island can allow you to totally outsource tech to turnkey solutions. Employing these solutions as an SMB may save you tens of thousands of dollars annually, while allowing you to be a big-time contender.

Better BDR And Security

Backup and data recovery (BDR) is exceptional through the cloud, and cost-effective. Additionally, cloud-based security options allow for continuous monitoring and support as informed by providers whose core prerogative has cutting-edge tech delivery as its prime goal. This can be done more cost-effectively through cloud computing than through internalized solutions.

Optimizing Outreach

You can facilitate mobility, reduce internal costs, and expand security with the cloud. IT support companies in Long Island such as Total Technology Solutions can help you acquire cloud computing solutions requisite to your SMB’s needs. Contact us to learn more.

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