August 6

How IT Support in Long Island Can Protect Data from Disaster

IT support firms in Long Island can preserve operations through even natural disaster. Certainly, many businesses don’t experience this kind of upset, but it’s quite likely their data will be compromised at some point. There’s no way around it.

The size of the compromise— and the scope of it— will differ. As an SMB, you can reduce data compromise or loss through proper operational protocols, but you need to have a disaster plan for factor X if you’re going to be properly secure.

What to Do

Working with an IT consultant in Long Island can help you determine which sort of protections will be most appropriate for your business. Overkill isn’t a bad thing, but you don’t want to unnecessarily stress your budget if you can avoid it. Here are a few things that are recommendable to incorporate:

Be Sure to Incorporate Redundancy

IT support firms in Long Island can help you back up everything on the cloud, on a local server, and elsewhere. The thing is, you want more than one backup of everything. Redundancy preserves data holographically. Always make copies.

Include Backups at Primary Locations and Off-Site

An IT consultant in Long Island can help you determine how many backups are appropriate. Commonly, you do three backups in at least two locations, one of which being located off-site. You can increase or decrease redundancy here as fits your business.

Automate Backup, Design Recovery Protocols and Objectives

With cloud computing and on-site arrays, an automated backup is possible and advisable. Also, you need a plan for if systems are knocked offline. You should have a recovery objective, and the latest best practices in play pertaining to protocols.

Safeguarding Your Network

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you determine appropriate redundancy procedures, facilitate backups on-site and off-site, institute automated backup, provide realistic recovery objectives, and utilize the latest best-practices throughout. Contact us to comprehensively safeguard your business.

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