September 29

How IT Support on Long Island Can Help You Implement a BYOD Policy

Many businesses are allowing employees to bring devices into the workplace. Having IT support can help your company on Long Island develop a BYOD (bring your own device) policy to maximize productivity while also looking at ways to improve cybersecurity.

Creating a detailed BYOD policy can help you maximize efficiency for your business while allowing your employees to fully take advantage of this policy.

Here are a few ways IT consulting teams on Long Island can create a BYOD policy for your business:

Implement Windows Authentication

Allowing any device to connect to your network is a major security risk, which is why it’s important to use windows authentication. This simple process will authenticate each device by only allowing your employees access to your network.

Update Password Policy

Weak passwords on a device are another cybersecurity risk. Requiring employees to use complex passwords for each device is essential to keeping your data safe. IT support experts on Long Island can monitor these devices to ensure they are all protected with strong passwords.

Enable Remote Data Wipe

Sometimes a device can fall into the wrong hands, whether it was accidentally left behind or stolen. Fortunately, an employee can reach out to the IT team to remotely delete this data without the need to gain access to the device. An IT service provider can easily remove all of the data on these devices to ensure this information doesn’t get compromised.

Turn On Active Directory

Using an active directory is a great way to create conditional policies for each user. An IT service provider can update these policies at any time to ensure an employee only has access to the data they need to perform their job duties.

Total Technology Solution offers IT support for many businesses on Long Island. Our IT team can set up a BYOD policy for your company. We are also happy to offer assistance and answer any of your tech-related questions. Feel free to give us a call today to learn more information about using our managed IT services!

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