October 8

How IT Support in Long Island Can Be Integral in E-Skimming Protection

What is “E-Skimming”?

IT support firms in Long Island regularly encounter new security threats that the clients they serve are unaware of. One particularly nasty threat to small businesses today is e-skimming. This is where hackers insert code in place that hides in the background which waits for an opportune moment to steal data.

How E-Skimming Code Works

Usually, especially as concerns digital stores, the virus waits until a client of a business is about to enter in their credit card information. It then “skims” that information as a means of stealing assets.

“Skimming code” is what allows hackers to do this. Oftentimes, they won’t actually steal money from the credit cards they skim, because that will quickly expose the skimming code that they’ve smuggled onto the checkout page of a business.

Rather, they sell that information to buyers on the dark web who use it for identity theft. In this way, they can steal vast quantities of data without anyone being the wiser. Generally, e-skimming transpires when hackers take advantage of unknown weaknesses in the design of SMB websites— or enterprise websites; whoever the “merchant” happens to be. Sometimes, phishing scams are used to get information from merchants allowing hackers to facilitate e-skimming scams.

Safety Tactics

IT consulting in Long Island can be key in helping you avoid such scams. Generally, IT support firms in Long Island will advise you to take a few key steps to avoid being victim to an e-skimming attack, whether you’re a merchant or a buyer on an online site. For buyers, regularly check online credit card statements for spurious activity. Avoid using debit cards for online purchases.

Mobile wallets are a good idea. As an SMB, working with ApplePay or PayPal is wise. You can also incorporate multi-factor authentication prior information capture and sale completion for added security.

Safeguarding Information

IT support firms in Long Island like Total Technology Solutions can help advise you pertaining to common e-skimming tactics. This helps you avoid incidentally compromising your clients and undermining your bottom line. Contact us for more information.

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