October 31

How IT Support Can Protect Your Business Data Against Phishing Scams on Long Island

By having IT support, you can keep your business data safe from phishing, especially if you are based on Long Island. Phishing scams are proliferating at an increasing rate which poses serious threats to business owners. That is why phishing prevention should be one of the drastic measures you need to take to keep your data safe, retain your clients and increase your revenue. To achieve this feat, your organization and its entire team of staff should know ways and means to identify phishing attempts and prevent them at the right time.

Below are some of the recommended preventive measures against such online scams.

Helpful Tips to Safeguard Against Phishing Attacks

Being vigilant is essential to keeping your most sensitive business data from the hands of cybercriminals. Therefore, make sure to take into account the following steps to avoid becoming the latest victim of phishing attacks:

1. Get Rid of Suspicious Emails Immediately

Stay ahead of cyber criminals and phishing activities by deleting suspicious emails as soon as you spot them. Such emails are likely to contain malware and viruses that get activated when you open attachments that come with them. Clicking on those links may give hackers quick access to your most sensitive data. IT support experts can help you safeguard your business on Long Island by identifying potential phishing threats in your email inbox.

2. Check and Double-Check Inaccurate Spelling and Poor Grammar

In most incidences, phishing attacks originate in remote places or other countries. For that reason, check and countercheck the information received through your email address for poor grammar and spelling of common words. This way, you will be able to quickly point out cases of phishing, particularly in emails sent through your business account.

3. Install an Effective Phishing Filter

With the help of reliable and trusted IT consulting professionals on Long Island, you can prevent cases of phishing attacks on your business. These professionals will suggest the best phishing filter and even help you install it on your email applications and web browsers. Even though these phishing filters may not prevent all phishing messages entirely, they will minimize the phishing attempts on your email account.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to keep your emails and sensitive data safe by working hand in hand with a trusted IT support team on Long Island. You can rely on Total Technology Solutions to provide the best cybersecurity system for your business. For more information on phishing awareness, feel free to contact us today!

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