January 7

How IT Consulting Professionals on Long Island Helps with Wired and Wireless Connections

Businesses hire IT consulting solutions providers on Long Island to provide guidance and support for technical issues. One of the common questions the past decade for startups is whether or not they should have a wired, wireless, or hybrid infrastructure. Your IT consultant can evaluate your business goals and recommend solutions to get you there more smoothly. Here are important points to remember about wired vs. wireless internet.

Wired Gives You Speed, Stability, and Security

IT consulting specialists on Long Island confirm hardwired internet allows for the best delivery performance due to faster speed and more reliable connectivity. Sending data through an ethernet cable is much more efficient than via wireless transmission. The cable, which provides stability, would have to get disconnected for the connection to fail, assuming there were no issues with other components in the network.

The reason a hardwired connection is more secure than a wireless connection is because the signal isn’t available in the air for anyone to tap into. Public Wi-Fi networks are particularly vulnerable to hacking. Regardless of whether you go wired or wireless, you still need several security layers beyond passwords, such as using firewalls and encryption.

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Wireless Provides Mobility, Scope, and Convenience

Your managed services provider (MSP) on Long Island can help you establish and oversee your wireless network. One of the greatest advantages of going wireless is the flexibility it allows. Wireless devices can facilitate greater productivity and collaboration, leading to company improvements. Employees can move around while they work, which is great for construction crews.

Another advantage to a wireless network is that it opens the door to connecting with a diverse selection of devices. The fact you don’t have to be trapped in one place allows for greater comfort and convenience as well.

How the Hybrid Approach Might Work

Every company must decide for itself based on its model whether to use wired, wireless, or hybrid connectivity. The hybrid approach works for large traditional companies with remote employees. It may also work for a startup that embraces minimalism, such as a sole proprietor using a wired desktop to communicate with multiple remote freelancers.


Our IT consulting team on Long Island can help you weigh the pros and cons of wired vs. wireless connectivity. Much of your decision will be based on how mobile or stationary your business is. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about the most modern solutions for delivering data across your business network.

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