May 15

How IT Consulting in Long Island Helps with Business Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connections are not only common among consumers— they are also managed by a wide range of businesses and IT consulting firms in Long Island. If you are launching a startup, consider how Wi-Fi is useful for communicating with clients as well as vendors in your supply chain. You should also be careful of the security risks, so here are important steps to secure your business Wi-Fi:

Vulnerabilities that Lead to Cyberattacks

  • Employees aren’t trained to spot phishing schemes that unleash malware
  • Weak passwords due to being generic or like other accounts
  • Rogue networks that lure people in with “free Wi-Fi”
  • Worms that infect the system missed by inspections
  • Systems that lack multiple security layers

Rename Your Network

The first step for the IT consulting firm in Long Island securing your network is to give it a new name after it is first taken out of the box. The public sees the Service Set Identifier (SSID) as the name on the list of Wi-Fi networks. Never use the default name of the router set up by the manufacturer such as “Netgear” or “Linksys,” since that information helps hackers learn the make and model.

Choose a Safe Router Location

The physical location of your router will affect your Wi-Fi’s security. It’s best for a business to keep the router in a locked office where it is out of sight and reach from the public. A security camera will help deter and catch criminals who try to physically tamper with the router.

Keep Your Software Updated

Your IT support team in Los Angeles can monitor the router with 24/7 security software as well as make sure that firmware updates are regularly installed. Cybercriminals prey upon old software in which vulnerabilities have been learned and exploited by the hacker community.


Your business can enormously benefit by partnering with an IT consulting firm in Long Island to install and protect a Wi-Fi system as part of your local infrastructure. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about maintaining business Wi-Fi and an overall more flexible and productive operation. We can provide a smooth seamless connection with maximum business continuity.

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