August 21

How IT Consulting in Long Island Can Streamline a Mobile Workplace

Since mobile connectivity is a leading business trend of the past decade, IT consulting in Long Island is a viable option to help implement a mobile workplace. After all, about half the population uses smartphones or tablets for their primary communication. Here’s why it’s advantageous to work with IT support providers and treat this mass transition to mobile as the new norm rather than a trend.

Less Cost and Higher Profits

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution has gained widespread attention among various industries due to the fact it reduces upfront costs on computers. Startups can particularly benefit from this arrangement. Other cost savings that add up include fewer expenses on maintenance and security.

Mobile Facilitates Online Collaboration

Another reason for the popularity of mobile workplaces is that they’re ideal for online collaboration, whether with remote or in-house members. It allows workers to continue working on projects even when they are away from the office. Working with IT support firms in Long Island will make this environment more secure, using a mobile device management (MDM) solution that monitors activity on the network.

Increased Flexibility and Personalization

Mobility opens the door for workers to complete tasks without being chained to their desks. They can actually increase productivity by meeting with clients on the field while staying closely connected with the office and the IT consulting team in Long Island. Employees with mobile devices can now be easily tracked and located through location-aware technology.

Better Morale, Less Turnover

One of the major keys to retaining strong talent is to create a business culture they enjoy. Allowing them to use their own devices helps employees feel a deeper sense of company loyalty. The happier employees are, the less likely they’ll look for other work.


Turning to IT consulting services in Long Island for setting up a mobile workplace can propel a business forward toward a more seamless operation. Mobility provides various solutions that help a company focus more on goals than investing in equipment and training. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about building a comfortable mobile workplace.

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