July 10

How IT Consulting Firms in Long Island Can Help You Make the Wi-Fi 6 Jump

What is Wi-Fi 6?

IT consulting firms in Long Island have advised many SMBs and larger corporations to consider Wi-Fi 6. The next generation of Wi-Fi has been labeled “AX Wi-Fi”; more specifically, “802.11ax Wi-Fi” or “Wi-Fi 6”. Basically, this is a hardware innovation designed to contend with increasing web-enabled devices— the Internet of Things, in effect. Eventually, Wi-Fi 6 will be everywhere— or at least that’s how things look presently.

Should You Make the Switch?

IT support in Long Island can be integral in helping you upgrade. It’s probably a good idea to make the transition now as a means of fostering competitive edge and increasing both the speed and reliability of your wireless internet infrastructure. If you’re not sure, consider these features:

Target Wait Time (TWT)

IT consulting firms in Long Island often advise Wi-Fi 6, as this allows for deterministic Wi-Fi “sleep.” Consumption of power is reduced, saving on energy costs. Additionally, battery life can be saved in many devices. You can schedule TWT to keep from overlap and maximize your network for optimum speed without things becoming “clogged up.”

Basic Service Set Coloring

IT support providers in Long Island can help you facilitate Clear Channel Assessment (CCA). Essentially, coloring assigns different channels with different “layers,” facilitating increased determinism in communication. This makes it so devices aren’t required to back off unless there’s a color indicating this need. Reduced wait times help increase reliable averages.

OFMDA: Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing Access

OFMDA basically divvies up already existing channels into RUs or Resource Units. Accordingly, a lot of clients can simultaneously communicate. Where before, only one transmission was possible, multiple RUs give users full airtime utilization potential through more effective data packaging in transmissions. OFMDA facilitates efficiency.

Making the Switch

IT consulting experts in Long Island from Total Technology Solutions can provide you Basic Service Set Coloring, TWT, and OFMDA through Wi-Fi 6. Contact us for more information on Wi-Fi 6 and to help determine if you should make the switch.

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