September 15

How IT Consulting on Long Island Can Help Your Company Through Network Equipment Shortages

Material shortages in the semiconductor industry and logistic challenges continue to affect the global network equipment supply chain. These effects include longer production cycles, extended lead times, increased cost of network equipment, and delays in replacing or upgrading networking infrastructure. IT consulting professionals on Long Island can help you get around the challenges surrounding supply chain shortfalls.

Enlist Managed IT Services

You can mitigate your dependence on a fluid IT supply chain through managed IT. Managed IT services providers on Long Island can help monitor your networking assets and their life cycles. An outsourced team of experts ensures that the networking infrastructure backing your core business functions is optimized and stays operational and consistent.

Through managed services, you can formulate a long-term plan for infrastructural replacements or upgrades. Enlisting IT consulting services on Long Island ensures your existing networking infrastructure is up-to-date, efficiently utilized and protected with contingency policies for data backup and recovery.

Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud is another viable way to navigate the IT hardware supply chain challenges. This option is beneficial since you share chip-based resources. Cloud services providers often have in-house chip production and wield leverage due to their size.

Migrating to the cloud reduces your reliance on IT hardware, such as data-center switches and routers. It also allows your business to scale without the burden of scarce and increasingly costly IT components.

Explore Secondary Markets

Numerous IT hardware vendors offer refurbished equipment directly or via partners. Refurbished equipment is often relatively new and offers some benefits of new equipment, such as warranties.

Exploring these secondary markets is recommended since the production cycles and lead times are significantly shorter compared to new equipment. Certified refurbished equipment can help reduce replacement and upgrade costs if your business relies heavily on networking equipment.

Modify/Optimize Your Network

Depending on the nature of your business, there are many options when it comes to building a network. If the infrastructure for your initial design is unavailable, you can use a different approach and achieve a similar outcome.

For instance, you may use the equipment you already have in stock. Many companies often underutilize their IT infrastructure. Modifying your network to fully exploit your existing infrastructure can reduce downtime and help you survive the supply chain shortage.

With lead times stretching over 400 days on essential IT components, every company must find a way to cope for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, Total Technology Solutions provides comprehensive IT consulting services on Long Island to support your business during supply chain disruptions. We work closely with your in-house to assess your enterprise and formulate reliable long-term and cost-saving solutions.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our exceptional managed IT services.

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