September 26

How IT Consulting Can Improve Your Small Business’s Cybersecurity on Long Island

Many small business owners mistakenly believe they are too small to be targeted by cybercriminals. Unfortunately, many incidents happen to small businesses due to a lack of IT security. Working with IT consulting professionals on Long Island is one of the best ways to boost cybersecurity for your business. These IT professionals can play a key role in giving your company much-needed protection against all types of cyber threats.

Here are a few ways tech consulting specialists can boost your company’s cybersecurity.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

One way to increase the security of your accounts in the workplace is to use multi-factor authentication. IT service providers can help you apply this feature in your employees’ devices. Using this technology gives your accounts an additional level of security, as it requires an employee to verify their identity with a code sent to their email or cellphone.

Turn On Automatic Updates

Small businesses often make the mistake of not keeping all of their devices up to date with the latest patches. Unfortunately, this can often result in a cybersecurity incident. IT consulting professionals on Long Island can enable automatic updates for all of your devices to ensure everything stays up to date.

Create Data Backups

Data loss is an issue that can impact businesses of any size. Uploading data backups in the cloud is one of the best ways to protect against data loss. You can easily recover your data in the cloud, even if you are the victim of ransomware or if an employee accidentally deletes important information.
Develop a Business Continuity Plan

Sometimes a cyber attack can happen to your business even if you take additional precautions. Creating a business continuity plan is one way to limit the damage of these attacks. An IT service provider can help your team plan for a wide range of scenarios to keep data loss to a minimum.

Total Technology Solutions is one of the leading IT companies that offer tech support solutions for many small businesses on Long Island. Meeting the different needs of each business is always our top priority. Feel free to contact our IT consulting team on Long Island to learn more about MFA and other cybersecurity solutions we can help you with.

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