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How Information is Sold on The Dark Web, According to IT Consulting Experts on Long Island

IT consulting on Long Island can be essential in helping you understand what sort of security risks your operation is exposing itself to. Sometimes you’re more secure than you thought, other times you’re more exposed. An exterior perspective from a managed service provider can be key in helping you operate at your most sustainable security.

MSPs often deal in “families” of clients. They work with similar demographics in terms of service delivery. Accordingly, they can see how cybercriminals tend to target one group over another. Additional factors are visible to MSPs which reveal information at the highest risk.

Generally, though, the value of specific information is increasingly known. The following will briefly break down what is commonly traded on the dark web to help give you an idea of whether you’re handling data that could put you at risk of non-compliance.

Valuable Data on The Web

Primary Personal Information (PI) that are traded over the dark web include:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit/Debit Card Numbers
  • PayPal (Or Similar) Login Info
  • Subscription Services
  • Loyalty Accounts
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Diplomas
  • Medical Records
  • Passports

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SSNs usually go for around a dollar. When it comes to credit and debit card information, credit cards are more popular, depending on whose card has been phished, such information can go for $5 to $110. If a card has a CVV number, that’s an additional $5 in value. Bank info adds $15.

“Fullz” information will bring $30. “Fullz” is a complete packaged “set” for an information fraudster— that’s SSN, birthday, and varying account numbers or other info that can immediately damage those affected.

Information regarding online payment services like PayPal commonly goes for $20 to $200. Loyalty Accounts are at around $20, and subscription services information goes for $1 to $10 depending on the subscription.

Meanwhile, diplomas vary from $100 to $400, driver’s licenses go for about $20, U.S. passports draw $1,000 to $2,000, and medical records have a spread of $1 to $1,000 in value.

How Businesses are Affected

IT consulting on Long Island helps small and large businesses maintain compliance. Legal requirements predicate certain breach notification procedures; compliance failure results in steep fines.

If you’re a business who has any information of the kind listed in this writing, that’s constituted as PI legally. Long Island IT support is essential in helping you assess and respond to breaches expediently, and in ways which will keep you from bearing the legal burden associated with non-compliance in terms of PI management.

Safeguarding Your Data

IT consulting on Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you assess vulnerabilities of your operation, and determine which options are most appropriate in safeguarding the sensitive PI your business generates or manages against varying cybercriminal threats. Contact us for more information.

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