November 6

How HaaS and IT Support on Long Island Can Improve Your Business

The cloud has helped businesses of every industry become more streamlined. That’s why it makes sense to consider Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and outsource IT support services on Long Island. This combination will make your enterprise much more efficient at cutting costs and increasing output.

The following are key reasons why the mix of HaaS and Long Island IT services works so well:

What is HaaS?

HaaS is an emerging cloud service in which a business rents hardware and gets additional support services as a form of cost-cutting. It particularly helps start-ups avoid huge upfront expenses on computers. The pre-determined agreement covers the entire spectrum of hardware needs, including maintenance and security.

Here are some of the top reasons why businesses are adopting HaaS:

  • No initial investment is needed while cutting overhead costs
  • Allows for a flexibility hardware agreement
  • Offers scalable solutions
  • Provides access to new technology
  • Quick access to reliable maintenance and support
  • Strengthens security
  • Turns hardware expenses into tax deductions

Working with Stress-Free Support

The fact that you’ll have access to quality IT support on Long Island is a key driver that makes this innovative technology even more attractive. The 24/7 help desk is available whenever you need it to fix technical problems. Furthermore, you’ll be working with knowledgeable and highly skilled tech talent that will become familiar with your equipment, leading to faster results. It will boost your confidence in maintaining business continuity.

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The IT team will enhance your security with state-of-the-art solutions so that you can concentrate on your business goals. One of the greatest challenges facing the business community today is protection against security breaches. Companies that don’t keep up with the latest cybersecurity technology are the most vulnerable to an attack. With HaaS you’ll get to use new hardware, which is much harder to hack than old systems that hackers have had years to figure out.

Many businesses use the Haas-IT support model to take advantage of a more convenient and simplified work environment. You’ll be able to easily scale your operation up or down, depending on short-term or long-term needs. IT technicians will be available to answer your questions at your convenience. They can provide valuable insights on streamlining your operation further. Since your IT team will help you develop a backup plan to prepare for any type of disaster, you won’t have to worry about downtime disrupting your firm.


Any business can save money on hardware and improve productivity by hiring IT support experts on Long Island and letting the team implement a HaaS solution. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information on working with skilled technicians connected with modern technology.

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