April 25

How Cyber Security Experts in New York Reduce and Deflects Credential Stuffing Attacks

What Are Credential Stuffing Attacks?

Cyber security experts in New York protect businesses against developing cyber security threats. One of the newest ones plaguing today is the credential stuffing hack. It works like this: through dark web sources, spyware, and other means of coopting breached data, digital bad actors gain login credentials. Bots are used initially to probe the effectiveness of credentials. When a bot can gain access to a restricted site, it’s known that credentials are effective. They’re then used to expand access across the internet’s surface area.

For cybercriminals, the more access they can get, the better. This is “credential stuffing”, and it can be used to steal all kinds of things; from information to actual assets. Don’t think being small preserves you from being a target. For one thing, smaller businesses are less likely to have requisite security. For another, once a high-profile attack occurs (such as those perpetrated against Dunkin’ Donuts), thousands of writings like this one are made, making further successful credential attacks less effective.

Rebuffing Credential Stuffing

Cyber security experts in New York recommend a few ways you can protect your business against pernicious credential stuffing attacks:

  • Establish effective password management protocols – cyber security experts commonly advise passwords never be re-used but that they be properly managed. New passwords conforming to best practices in password design should be made monthly, if not weekly.
  • Ensure different accounts have different passwords – Don’t use the same password to access different accounts; this makes it easy for credential-stuffing hackers to launch their attack. Have different passwords for different accounts.
  • Design complex access credentials – experts advise passwords be at least eight characters long, include numbers, capitals, and symbols, and additionally not be straightforward. Usernames should be abstract as well for best security.

More Secure Operations

Our cyber security experts in New York at Total Technology Solutions can help you design complex credentials and manage them more simply, helping you avoid credential stuffing attacks. Contact us now for more details.

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