March 6

How Automated Patch Management Reduces Your Cyber Security Risk

Busy business owners and managers dread the idea of managing software updates as these projects are time-consuming and have inherently complex challenges. After all, most business owners have specialized in their own unique value offering as opposed to the intricacies of tech.

Patches are commonly released between half a dozen times per month and upwards of two dozen times per month. It is imperative these patches are installed in a truly comprehensive and timely manner. The rapid automated patching of potential vulnerabilities with the assistance of cyber security experts decreases your organization’s risk, ultimately helping you protect your tech investment, your clients and most importantly, your bottom line.

Why Patches Are So Important

Everything from human errors to malware attacks and hackers can lead to a nasty data breach that costs your organization a bundle of money. Thankfully, patches are available to mitigate the risk. The little-known truth is the majority of those victimized by cyber attacks could have avoided the digital carnage with the installation of such a patch.

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Cyber security professionals have been helping their clients automate the patch management process so they can dedicate the bulk of their time to enhancing their unique value proposition. In particular, it will help to automate IT processes involved in software patches. Lean on the experts to help you automate the discovery of endpoints to keep the system in full view and cut the risk posed by blind spots.

The Automation of Patch Deployment, Reporting and Beyond

Tech advances have made it possible to automate a solution to apply scheduled patches throughout essential systems. It is even possible to automate patch-related reporting. An updated patch status/compliance report following patch deployment will bolster security compliance reports. In fact, some businesses are even automating the process of searching for the most up-to-date patches to pinpoint those that are missing and ultimately guarantee the system has the latest protection.

Develop a Patch Deployment Policy

No two organizations are exactly the same, especially when it comes to tech. The patching requirements for your unique business are different from those for other organizations. Lean on cyber security professionals for assistance to help you develop a patch deployment policy that reduces the impact on the network as well as your use of bandwidth.

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security team will help you minimize your company’s risk with automated security patch management and additional digital security protections. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like more information, have questions, concerns or would like to schedule an appointment. We are ready to serve you!

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