November 20

How to Achieve a Balanced Education for Cyber Security in New York

Education May Be Your Most Important Asset

Cyber security firms in New York can help you avoid the most threatening aspect of regular operations: internal dangers. The vast majority of cyber security threats are going to be internal. They’re going to come from your own personnel doing the wrong things. Educating them helps prevent the lion’s share of these dangers.

Effective cyber security training will involve planning a scalable solution that is built around updates. If possible, consolidating education to a few initial sessions and a regular daily refresher is going to be your best bet.

Many businesses don’t need something quite that integral; consultation will help you find your balance. Several key areas to protect against, and train your staff about, include:

Social Engineering Hacks

New York IT support experts advise many clients to carefully watch out for social engineering hacks. These come in a wide variety and are essentially just your basic “con” job.

Someone uses a variety of psychological techniques and emotionally manipulative tactics to trick people into giving them sensitive data. Security protocols can help you avoid the majority of these social engineering hacks. MSP solutions help you identify new “con” tactics as they develop.

Phishing Scams

Cyber security firms in New York can also help you avoid being the victim of a phishing scam. Generally, phishing scams involve a hacker “pretending” to be someone in your business to steal money or data. There are many phishing scams and you’ll want to keep your staff updated.


New York IT support is a key preventative strategy against ransomware. Some ransomware exploits IT weaknesses regardless of user error like WannaCry did. Keep your staff updated on known threats and backup options should something get through anyway.

Internal Operational Protection

Cyber security in New York through Total Technology Solutions can help you determine which segments of cyber security education to focus on for your personnel. Ransomware, phishing scams, and social engineering hacks are key things to watch out for. Contact us for more information.

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