August 26

A Honeypot of Security Vulnerabilities Explained by IT Consulting Team in Long Island

A honeypot system is configured with known vulnerabilities that lure an attacker in and keep them busy while the rest of the network is protected. IT consulting team in Long Island can propose using honeypots to detect, deflect, or study attempts to gain unauthorized access to information systems.

A honeypot typically consists of data (for example, in a network site) that appears to be a legitimate part of the site. Still, it is isolated and monitored, and that seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers. This is similar to police sting operations, colloquially known as “baiting” a suspect.

How Is a Honeypot Used in Network Security?

A honeypot can offer insight into the mindset and techniques of an attacker because it is designed to appear vulnerable to outsiders. The system may intentionally have known vulnerabilities or may appear vulnerable by simulating common services that are likely targeted for attack.

Honeypots come in two main types: production honeypots, which organizations use for defensive purposes, and research honeypots, which security researchers use for capturing samples of malware and other threat data.

Because honeypots involve intentionally attracting intruders, they can only be used for limited types of attacks. For example, if the objective is to observe denial-of-service attacks, a honeypot would not be effective since the attacker would never see it. In contrast, if an attacker tries to gain access to a honeypot server, its actions can be captured and examined.

Honeypot Implementation

Generally, as IT consulting company in Long Island note, honeypots are implemented within the broader practice of security monitoring. Security monitoring takes many forms and involves multiple tools, but honeypots are one of its most important elements. Security monitoring helps organizations identify the presence of potential cyber attackers in their networks.

The idea behind a honeypot is that it’s used as an early detection mechanism for hackers attempting to break into an organization’s network. It works by attracting attacks using false information and services that are not meant to be used by anyone in the company. IT consulting team in Long Island can facilitate this method to help you detect and avoid cyber attacks before they reach the actual production servers and data, preventing damage or theft. Get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions to learn anything about network protection.

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