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Having IT Support in Long Island to Strengthen BCP

One of the most vital aspects of IT support in Long Island is business continuity planning (BCP). After all, if a critical component of your business goes down, is destroyed, or is otherwise unavailable, your entire operation can grind to a halt. You may think that you have plans in place, but do they constitute real BCP?

What is BCP?

The first thing to recognize is that BCP is not just a generalized ‘catch-all’ attitude. It is good to be mindful of the fact that problems can and do arise, and your business needs to have the capacity to deal with unforeseen circumstances. In fact, ensuring your business is fast and flexible enough to absorb sudden challenges can be the difference between the life and death of your company. But there is more to BCP.
BCP is the generation of a strategy by recognizing and defining the threats and risks to your company such that your staff and corporate assets are protected and can continue to function in the event of any disaster.

The Difference Between BCP and DRP

There is a tendency to confuse business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP). It is important to bear both concepts in mind at the same time so the differences are clear. They are, of course, connected.
BCP basically involves ensuring your company can continue to deliver key products and services to a predefined standard following a disaster. DRP ensures that the availability of your IT resources is maintained following an incident.
The reason for the differentiation between BCP and DRP is that IT experts have the knowledge and skills needed to ensure IT availability. However, they don’t have the remit or resources to take all steps needed to ensure key products and services are delivered after a disaster.

Communication During Planning

Obviously, delivery of key products and services depends to some extent on your IT support in Long Island. This means management handling BCP and management handling DRP need to communicate. Simple questions, such as, “What IT do you require to ensure delivery of key products and services?”, help to highlight how to structure the related planning.
Part of ensuring DRP will involve data recovery solutions in Long Island. Your IT team need to know what data needs to be preserved in case of disaster. Furthermore, they also need to know how quickly that data needs to be restored, and to where.

The Where of BCP

That’s right— the where. Let’s say your office upstairs had a small fire, leaving your offices damaged by water. Where do you temporarily send your staff so they can continue to deliver your key products and services? That’s where they will need their IT. That’s probably where critical data recovery needs to be provided.

IT Support to Strengthen BCP

Though your IT team is tasked with delivering on DRP, BCP requires a wider overall management view. It also requires IT support experts in Long Island working with the BCP planning process to ensure IT resources are supported in all facets of the BCP strategy. BCP and DRP are big subjects, and they can get complex. Total Technology Solutions can help ease this planning. Contact us now for more information.

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