August 6

Get Ahead of WiFi Trends with IT Support in Long Island

WiFi Speed Has Upgraded: WiFi 6

IT support professionals in Long Island strongly advise businesses large and small who regularly utilize WiFi to upgrade. WiFi tech transitions as technology does, and things have recently hit the sixth iteration.

Notable WiFi 6 Benefits

An IT consultant in Long Island can help you determine current network needs, costs, and thresholds. Such information can be key in helping you apply your best moves as regards upgrade. When you’re in the right position, you can acquire some key benefits from the latest WiFi, including:

Increased Speed

IT support providers in Long Island can definitely help you get the most from your wireless internet solutions. With WiFi 6, you can expect at least a 40% increase in terms of operational speed–that’s a pretty big deal, and what you spend in upgrade will be overcome by your increased operational capacity.

Expanded Network Operations

WiFi 6 makes it easier for environments with a high number of devices to function in a fluid, efficient manner. You should expect benefits that are several levels of magnitude higher than what your network was able to sustain before. This reduces everyone’s workload by expediting operational efficiency.

Better Utility of Batteries and General Operations in Rough Environments

Another reason IT experts are apt to prescribe an upgrade to WiFi 6 has to do with energy maximization. WiFi 6 allows you to get more for your batteries. Also, WiFi 6 is stronger than WiFi 5, meaning you can get access to the internet in harder-to-reach places.

Making the Upgrade to WiFi 6

Our IT support team in Pasadena can help your business utilize some of the benefits of WiFi 6, including expanded speed, increasing what your network can handle, longer battery life, and more qualitative WiFi operations even when conditions aren’t ideal. To learn more about WiFi 6 and determine if this is something you should upgrade to now, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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