May 26

Gaining Protection with IT Support on Long Island

One of the many important ways IT support providers on Long Island can help your business is protecting your data. Teaming up with experts in disaster recovery is an effective way to block cyberattacks. Most small businesses are unprepared for the next disaster. Here are reasons why you must prioritize developing a disaster recovery plan.

Preparing for Downtime

About half of all businesses have experienced some type of downtime the past five years, so it’s wise to prepare a game plan in advance to minimize losses in revenue. Failing to prepare for downtime often turns out to be more expensive in the long run. For large companies, downtime can mean losing thousands of dollars per minute.

Ransomware penetration can cost a business over $100,000 per incident in downtime and recovery costs, according to a CNN report. Up to 60 percent of firms that lack a disaster recovery plan go out of business following a disaster. All it takes is a ransomware attack, which is typically initiated when an employee accidentally opens an infected email.

The worst-case scenario is failing to back up data on a regular basis, then getting hit with a venture-ending catastrophe such as a cyberattack that cuts off access to your data. Not only can this scenario lead to a high volume of customer complaints, but it can also lead to costly court battles. Many companies are drained of all their capital from these scenarios.

Even if your provider promises near zero downtime, you still need a plan in place as a safety net to minimize loss and maintain business continuity. Estimates indicate cybercrime will cause $6 trillion in damage per year by 2021.

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

An experienced IT support team on Long Island understands the importance for every business to establish a disaster recovery plan. Since hardware failure is the top cause of data loss or downtime during a disaster, it’s best to back up all your data on different servers. Other common causes of data loss are:

  • Power failure
  • Software problems
  • Data corruption
  • Security breaches
  • Human error

A disaster recovery plan lays out the steps specific individuals will take in an emergency to maintain or restore business operations. Long Island companies that develop these plans along with acquiring IT services have a strong chance of survival in a disaster such as a ransomware attack, whereas firms that neglect developing a disaster recovery plan are most likely to collapse.


If you want to ensure your data is well protected from cybercriminals, having IT support for your business on Long Island is essential these days. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can protect your data with the most up-to-date methods.

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